Men’s Straight Shave for Norman

If you are a gentleman who cares about the quality of his shave and you live in Norman, you will enjoy the straight shaving services that we provide at Lunatic Fringe Social Club. Our experienced barbers are expert shavers who are dedicated to the fine art of the straight shave. A straight shave is a time-tested technique that doubles as a spa treatment. Its benefits far extend its price and time commitment. The following article outlines information about the benefits of investing in a straight shave. If any of the following information speaks to you, call our Norman salon to find out more!

Benefits of a Straight Shave

Reveals Younger Looking Skin

A straight shave has beneficial exfoliating benefits for your skin. When you get such a close shave, the razor gently removes the top layer of dead skin on your face, allowing the young healthy skin to shine through. The steam from the hot towel that is placed on your face during a straight shave also helps with this process, since it opens the pores and allows for the dead skin to loosen and become easy to remove.

Provides a Relaxing Experience

A straight shave is a highly relaxing experience. All that is asked of you is to sit back and relax as your personal barber does all the work for you. You will enjoy a relaxing gentle facial cleanse as well as a soothing hot towel facial steam. As you breathe in the aromatherapeutic benefits of the facial steam, you fall deeper and deeper into relaxation with every breath. After your treatment, you will feel fresh, rejuvenated and ready for your week.

Provides a Closer Shave

At Lunatic Fringe Social Club, we know the stresses of shaving with disposable razors. They never seem to get you that close shave that everyone is after. It can be frustrating, especially after spending so much money on them over the years. A straight razor shave is the closest shave possible. Your face will feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Reduces the Risk of Irritation

The last thing you want is an ugly-looking cut on your face after your shave. Our expert barbers always shave against the grain to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, rashes, cuts and other uncomfortable irritations.

Custom Beard Shaping

Your Norman barber will shape your facial hair to compliment your personal facial features. They will expertly trim your beard or moustache to make you look sophisticated and put together.

Save Money

A straight shave reduces the need to constantly buy expensive disposable razors that are bad for the environment with their excessive packaging. You will be smiling at the end of the year when you add up the cost of your shave, and notice it is a lot less than when you were using expensive razors that dull quickly.

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At Lunatic Fringe Social Club, we enjoy making our Norman clients feel confident, handsome and well-groomed. If you are interested in a straight shave, call our salon today to make your appointment!